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Photography Studio Guidelines for Operating Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

My photography studio is re-opened for business and the following guidelines are being implemented for your photography session:


Routine Environmental Cleaning

Fewer photo sessions and scheduling will allow sufficient time to sanitize my photography equipment, all hard surfaces, and common areas after each photography session. Arriving early may cause you to overlap an existing client. Please allow enough time for us to sanitize.


Extra Guests

Please refrain from bringing additional guests. In-studio sessions will only allow you to bring those who are a part of your shoot. If you will have an additional guest, please inform your photographer.

 If the photography session is held offsite or outdoor, the additional guests will be just fine.


Wear Your Mask

The photography studio is accessible from the building lobby. It’s important to note, to wear your mask in the lobby and upon entry. You will be able to take off your mask for your shoot.


Feeling Sick

Minimizing Covid-19 spread in the community is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, the photo session will be cancelled if I feel sick or have known contact with someone who has been infected. I expect my clients to act in the same manner. If I have to cancel your shoot your deposit will be waived. If you cancel your shoot you will have to repay your deposit, unless there's a mandatory shut down.

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